Storage, storage and more storage!

Designing Your Ultimate Kitchen Pantry.

Pantries open design options for the kitchen by gathering everything in one handy location. As cooking has become more family oriented, storage, storage, storage has become the battle cry of clients working on a new kitchen. The need for well organized storage options has become of prime importance for today’s busy life style. Here are some great ideas to consider when designing the ultimate kitchen pantry for your home.

Decorative and practical.

Who says pantries have to be unattractive?  Designing a pantry which is well organized and attractive just takes a few steps.  Diffused glass doors will conceal the contents and keep the kitchen looking great. Open shelves can display serving pieces so you can easily see where everything is. Decorative baskets can hold a multitude of items while adding a decorative touch.

Tight on space?

Not every pantry has to be a giant to work well. A tall slim pull out pantry can be tucked alongside Thyme & Place Design, Sharon L Sherman, Pantry, Kitchen Designer NJ, Bathroom Designer NJ the refrigerator for handy storage of dry goods. These pantries hold much more than you think. The shelves are adjustable and the whole unit pulls out for access. This vertical storage is a great space saving option.

Have a Quirky Space?

Not all pantries are created equal, they can be more than just a traditional cabinet. Do you have an unused space under a rear stairway?  Just add a door and install some shelves et voila! Have a hall closet near the kitchen?  This is the perfect spot for a pantry. With the proper organization, you can house packaged goods, brooms and vacuum hoses, recycling and those over-sized stock pots. The best part is you can see everything inside and when you are finished just close the doors. Sliding barn doors add a decorative touch.

Walk in pantries.

I love my walk in pantry. Base cabinets store over-sized cooking items and open shelves store everything in sight. Shallow shelves store extra spices and hooks hold reusable shopping bags and aprons. Counter tops can add to the pantry by providing additional work space, or a spot for your microwave and toaster oven. I used a decorative glass passage door for my pantry.

Butlers Pantries:

Originally these spaces functioned as a utility room between the kitchen and the dining room to store china and Sharon L Sherman Kitchen Designer NJ, Bathroom Designer NJ, Pantry, Thyme & Place Designsilver. In today’s home, these pantries can house a sink, dishwasher and additional small appliances like microwaves and warming drawers and ice makers.

The key component to the ultimate pantry is organization.

Labels make organizing pantry items easy.  It will also help to create storage zones i.e. baking, oil and vinegar, dry goods and serving items.  Pull out shelves will make access to larger items easier. The smaller the items stored the shallower the shelves should be to keep everything visible. No matter what size kitchen you have, some ingenuity and proper planning will ensure there is a place for everything and everything in its place.

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