Dacor Renaissance Warming Drawer

Dacor Renaissance Warming Drawer

You are remodeling your kitchen. You have chosen all of your appliances from refrigerator and oven to dishwasher and sink. But have you thought of a warming drawer? You might wonder “why do I need a warming drawer in my kitchen?” I love all my appliances but my favorite by far is my warming drawer.

Warming lights have been a staple of restaurant kitchens forever. Why not have the same convenience in your home? My warming drawer is the hardest working appliance in my kitchen especially since I do not have a microwave.

You might be asking “Why do I need a warming drawer in my kitchen?” Here are 8 must-have reasons:

  1. Busy kid’s schedules? No problem. Soccer practice, dance recital rehearsal and the tutor is coming. You can keep food warm without drying out and dinner is ready to eat when they get home.
  2. Entertaining the partners or the in-laws? Having the fundraising committee over? No worries, dinner is ready to serve so you can enjoy your company even if they are running late.
  3. Working late and hate the taste of food reheated in the microwave? Want to enjoy a warm meal together? Just set it on low and there you go.
  4. Friday night no-cook date night! Just pop the pizza box in the drawer and keep it warm while you relax and watch a movie.
  5. Sunday morning breakfast waffles will be perfect after the game.
  6. Love to bake? You can proof bread in it.
  7. Great to warm plates and cups on those cold winter nights.
  8. You can even slow cook in them!

Warming drawers are versatile and stylish. For that professional look, choose stainless steel or conceal it with panels to seamlessly integrate into the cabinets. Many are available with temperature settings, humidity controls and even a timed setting. In smaller spaces (like that city apartment) where a second oven is not possible, warming drawers are perfect. Ranging in sizes from 24″ W – 36″ W they are the height of a deep kitchen drawer.

Make sure you ask your designer about adding a warming drawer to your kitchen. I know you will love it as much as I do. Let me know if you find more ways to use this hardworking kitchen helper.

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