Is a White Kitchen Right for Me?

Change is the only constant right? Not when it comes to kitchens. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, white still tops the most popular color for kitchens. White kitchens have always been a favorite of mine. From cozy and quaint to crisp and contemporary, white kitchens never lose their style.

Why are white kitchens so popular?

White is the brightest color which makes small spaces feel large and brings light to gloomy spaces. White Sharon L Sherman, Kitchen Designer NJ, Bathroom Designer NJ, Thyme & Place Design, Greenfield Cabinetrymakes you feel good. It represents purity, safety, happiness and cleanliness. Real estate professionals stand by its marketability. Who doesn’t love a white kitchen?


White goes with everything

The color white is more that just a cabinet standard, it is also a standard in the tile, counter top and appliance industries. With so many choices there is something for every budget. The combination of matte and gloss finishes creates an interesting pattern with light and shadow in an all-white space. Beware, It is best to keep the same color spectrum. I don’t recommend mixing warm and cool whites in the same space as they don’t blend well.

Mixing white cabinets with other colors is easy.

Black accents in light fixtures or counter stools adds dramatic appeal. Grey and white has been very solid in the last couple of years but now blue is coming on strong. You can add touches of color to the back splash tiles or paint the wall a great shade of your favorite color.

Accent Metals

The new honey bronze finishes in faucets, hardware and accessories is very warm and glamorous with Thyme & Place Design, Sharon L Sherman, White Kitchens, Top Knobswhite. There are more options coming to the market every month. Top Knobs is my go to company for beautiful cabinet hardware. They are so many options for different metals you will definitely find something you love.

All whites are not created equal.

There are so many shades of white to choose from.  Bright whites like Pure White from Sherwin Williams are great for shaker style cabinets in an updated cottage style. If you are looking for a more rustic feel, a slightly warmer shade like Simply White from Benjamin Moore might be just the thing.  Linen white and White Dove are two examples of a warm creamy white and a softer cooler white. Both are from Benjamin Moore.

You can always add more style with industrial light fixtures, classic Windsor chairs or stools in a cherry or walnut, or by adding a beautiful woven rug. Many small appliances are available in bright colors now as well. Don’t be afraid to experiment and show your personality.

Timeless luxury is the hallmark of Thyme & Place Design and white is the perfect hue to create a timeless kitchen.  From modern farmhouse, to sleek Upper East Side, white kitchens will always be in vogue. Do you have a white kitchen you love? Share the photo, we would love to hear from you.



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