Cooking With Steam

With today’s busy life style, healthy choices for both eating and preparing meals have taken center stage in the kitchen.  The new wave of steam appliances have added a new dimension to preparing healthy food for families. I have been lucky enough to use the Wolf built in steam oven and I will tell you it is amazing. Why cook with steam? Besides making baking and roasting a breeze, the food tastes amazing.

What are the advantages of cooking with steam?

Steam cooking has been around for thousands of years. Professional chefs have been cooking with steam  for quite some time. You can reheat, bake, roast, grill and defrost all in one oven. Modern steam ovens have a water reservoir which injects water into the oven cavity creating steam, making the cooking process faster, more efficient and healthier. It keeps food moist so butter, oil or other fats are not needed. Cooking with steam can turn ordinary cooking into extraordinary food preparation.

Want to know what makes steam cooking healthier?

  • No added fats and oils to keep food moist.
  • You can cook several items at the same time with no flavor transfer.
  • Steam cooking retains natural vitamins and minerals.
  • Steamed food maintains its cancer fighting properties.
  • You can reheat instead of Microwave. Foods look and taste better.
  • Steam cooking doesn’t alter the appearance of food.
  • You can cook meats, vegetables and even desserts.

Where to get recipes for the steam oven?

With the advent of smart technology, the recipes and cooking controls are now built right into the oven. You simply tell the oven what you are preparing and the weight of it. Many manufacturers have their own versions of steam ovens. Some are combined with convection ovens so you can use convection only, steam only or a combination of both. WiFi enabled control panels let you control the oven from your phone.

Who makes steam ovens?

Wolf offers a 30” E Series Professional convection steam oven with temperature controls which allow you to use precision techniques like sous-vide.  Thermador, Samsung and Miele also offer built in steam ovens. Dacor offers a 48” convection range with RealSteam which offers a dedicated steam oven in a full size range.

Is cooking with steam really for  me?

One of the first things I discuss with clients when starting a conversation about their kitchen is how they cook.  How you cook combined with design style and trends play an important role in which appliances are selected.  My advice is to try one out. Our local Sub Zero Wolf showroom has live demos to see the steam ovens in action. Not ready for a built in? There are counter top options too which can replace that old microwave oven.

As more manufacturers add steam cooking to their appliance line ups, the prices will come down.  Counter models are available from as low as $300 while built in units range from $2999 to $8000. If you think you might be interested in steam cooking, give us a call.

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