Recently, I was speaking with a young professional and asked if he would ever consider hiring an interior designer. He looked at me with a little tilt of his head and asked why he would need one. “After all,” he said, “there is so much available online. Why wouldn’t I just try to do it myself?”

Of course, this provided the perfect opening to talk about interior design and how he and his friends could benefit from the expertise that working with a designer would provide. I asked him about his living space and what it was like. The answer? Sparse. So I asked what he would look for in a living environment and what he and his contemporaries were seeking in a lifestyle.

“Well,” he said, “I’d like a vintage look with wood and chrome and a display for my guitars and vinyl collection. It should be practical, but also comfortable for entertaining. I would want my friends to say ‘this is sweet.’”

As we talked, the young man shared more about his lifestyle. His generation doesn’t need a lot of things, but what they have should be high quality. A generation of travelers and entertainers, they want their homes to reflect their life experiences. As he becomes more successful, he finds himself able to afford these small luxuries, but unable to find the time to pull the space together. “Well,” I said, “That’s why you need a professional designer. We listen to your heart’s desires in order to create a unique home tailored just to you, all the while helping you spend your money wisely.”

Designers help you make wise choices when designing your home environment. Not everything has to be one of a kind, but it should be made of quality materials and construction. While trends come and go, timeless design is always in style. Everyone should try working with a designer at least once. With so many types of design services available, you don’t have to break the bank. At Thymeless Home Décor, our popular online consultations provide plans, elevations, color selections, furniture tear sheets, and window treatment options — all of which clients can then shop for on their own or through the site. When I helped my own son through the process of outfitting his first apartment, he found it to be much less daunting with a plan of attack. It helped him understand what would fit into the space and identify which pieces he should buy first.

Looking for some inspiration to get you started on your design journey? Visit our Pinterest boards for some great DIY ideas.

Happy Designing!

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