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Why you want and need a smart home.

I remember watching a movie where a family is terrorized when their home is taken over via Bluetooth controls.  I thought that is reason enough to avoid a smart home but then I met Siri and my opinion changed.  Amazon recognized the desire for a more connected lifestyle and Alexa was born.

Regardless of how tech savvy you are, smart homes are here to stay. Convenience is driving this trend in today’s busy lifestyle. As a result connected technology is available for every room in today’s home.   Let’s look at some of these features and you can decide if a smart home is right for you.

Lutron Shading

Lutron Shading

Lighting control was the beginning of the smart home movement. Lutron was a big innovator in the connected control system world. Controlling window coverings, lighting scenarios and sound were the perfect security system. Even if you were away, the house could function as if you were at home. Cameras to watch the family pet or the babysitter became commonplace. As a result, an additional layer of security is provided. How does that translate into today’s smart home? Let’s take a look at today’s home.

Smart Home kitchens:

It is fair to say that the kitchen is the control center of the home. Most days begin and end in the kitchen. From morning coffee to after school home work to the last lights out, the kitchen is command central. Cooking can be controlled by the swipe of a finger. Thermador’s smart technology connects through an app. The Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect™ provides information about select appliance features, sends reminders to your smart device, and allows service representatives to remotely run diagnostics when you need help.”   Home connect also allows you to control your appliances remotely using your smart devices, and can pair with select smart devices for voice control, too”.

Sub Zero Wolf also has connected appliances.Here are the commands that are voice-enabled with your Sub-Zero refrigerator and/or freezer. You can just say “Alexa…….
… set the Fridge temperature to 32 degrees.
… what is the temperature of the Fridge?
…set the Fridge Freezer temperature to 0 degrees. (used if you have a combination refrigerator, freezer appliance)
… turn on the Fridge Ice Maker, turn on the Fridge Sabbath Mode.”
The modes supported are: Sabbath, Long Vacation, and Short Vacation.

How is that for service? . Not sure if you need something for a recipe? Just take a look inside to see what you are missing. Every appliance will be enabled for connectivity. You can choose just how connected you want to be.


Entertaining: Setting the mood

Music and lighting can be controlled from a central “dashboard from anywhere. Phillips a leader in the lighting world says  “With our Connected lighting solutions we are taking lighting beyond mere illumination into a fully digital world in which it connects people, places and devices. By connecting LED lights to smart controls, networks, devices and apps, we can empower our customers by achieving new levels of energy efficiency, creating amazing new lighting experiences and enabling outstanding business results. With Hue light bulbs you create instant ambiance with total control of lighting schemes. All you need is a Bluetooth connection. 

Planning an outdoor event?  just check the weather report or how the traffic is from your control screen. You can also connect with friends and family who could not be present for the party. Landscape lights and music are also part of the plan in a connected home environment.  Change the color of the pool and set dramatic lighting displays right in your own backyard.

Safe and Sound at Home; Smart Home Security

Have you ever been home alone and had an unexpected knock at the door? The Ring doorbell system changed everything. You have control of video and motion sensors for your doors. You can communicate right through your phone without ever opening the door  Want to see what is happening while you are away? Just activate the camera. Safehome.org has reviews of the best video doorbell camera systems. With blue tooth technology you can communicate with some in another room. Great for teenagers or elderly parents you want to check in with. Even the family pet can appreciate a virtual visit. 

Not sure if you locked the front door or left the garage door open. These are all operational from your phone. You can even check on water levels in case of a broken pipe or leaky washer hose.

Window Shades

Ever come home at night and find you forgot to close the curtains? The entire neighborhood can see right into your home and so can anyone looking for an easy target. Shading systems will automatically close curtains, blinds or shades on any or all windows. They can also automatically open those same window treatments to get you up and moving in the morning. You can reschedule right from your smart phone. 

Don’t forget the bath.

When is a mirror more than just a mirror? When it becomes a voice activated interface. Watch TV while brushing you teeth, compose an email or create a shopping list while finishing your makeup.

Showers can be activated from your bedside so water is ready when you walk into the bath. Shower controls are equipped with LED lighting controls, speakers for your favorite tunes water flow and temperature controls.

Bath tubs are also ready to greet the bather with temperature, water massage and chromatherapy systems. One of my go to tubs in Bain Ultra. You will never have those winter blues again. 

illuzio chromotherapy bathtub

Bain Ultra Illuzio

Last but never least the commode. There is a whole new generation of toilets which will someday toilet paper a thing of the past. The best features…..motion sensors to open and close the lids and a self cleaning UV light system. These little luxuries come with a luxury price tag but they are becoming more main stream with more affordable models. 

Technology is becoming so much more user friendly. Having technology just for technology sake is not what a smart home is all about. It can and will make like much more enjoyable if specified and used correctly. I was not so sure about my first smart phone but now I am not sure I could do without the convenience. The best advise I can give is not to get more than you are comfortable using, learn how to use the technology then “boldly go where you might not have gone before”













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