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Is your home ready for some comfortable luxury? I don’t know about you but mine is. What makes you feel happy and content? What can you add to your home to get that feeling? There is so much research done each year on what is trending I have compiled my Style Update 2017: 10 Top Home Design Trends.

  1. I am Happy to say Blue and White is Everywhere. Post-holiday windows are hinting at what spring will bring. I love blue and white. Blue goes with everything and it gives a softer feel than black. Just like the color of those favorite faded jeans. White is hot especially in matte finishes in everything from cars to ceramics.
  2. Pattern, Pattern, Pattern. Remember that old patchwork quilt from days gone by? Welcome it back with an updated twist. Layer it with bright pops of color mixed together against an updated beige sofa. Beige is hot again. Vintage patchwork rugs are everywhere especially with the hot Boho chic trend, my number three.
  3. Boho Chic.  I remember a designer friend telling me she loved my Boho clothing style. For me it was just my way of putting together clothing I was comfortable in. Get ready to bring it into your home. A cool old piece of Victorian furniture painted a vibrant blue with tufted chenille or velvet sofa, yummy.
  4. Bring On the Velvet. Top interior design showrooms are displaying more and more velvet. Velvet is a luxurious fabric which has become available in durable fibers perfect or any room in your home including kitchen chairs. So soft to the touch but fine for the kids or the adults. Sink back into the sofa and watch a movie together and don’t forget the popcorn.
  5. Did I Mention Tufting? Take a look through the many home furnishing catalogs arriving this month and you will see tufted furniture everywhere. It is a perfect detail to add luxury in any room. Tufting has been around for centuries. Basically it’s threading through layers of fabric and finishing those threads off with a button. It creates a cool pattern and is a must have addition to any home decor.
  6. Go Green!!!! Sustainability is gaining ground, finally. Companies like Oceanside Glasstile, a favorite tile resource of mine for years are on the rise. More and more products are using recycled materials in their manufacturing. Nice to be know you can be sustainable and trendy at the same time.
  7. Bring The Outdoors In. Not just “green” products real green in the form of live plants. Just walk through the outdoor section of IKEA and people are buying real plants for their home environment. They are beautiful and help contribute to a healthy interior environment. Drop them into a brightly colored planter and you have instant “green” accent.
  8. Green Isn’t Just for the Outdoors. Have you noticed the bright color splashes in magazines? Green painted walls are in. Pair that with bright splashes of yellows and you have a crisp color pallet. Did I mention green and blue are great together? Remember that picnic in the park sitting under a tree and seeing the green leaves against a beautiful blue sky.
  9. The Return of Wallpaper. Okay I will admit that I had not specified wall covering for a long time, but that ended last year. Beautiful wall papers are   everywhere. Thanks to Candice Olson and York Wall Coverings for turning the “page” on wallpaper. Marbleized patterns are especially hot. You can use them   inside a molded wall detail for instant glamour.
  10. Artisanal vs DIY. Artisans are regaining the respect they deserve. Time honored craftsmanship is back in the form of glass, porcelain, furniture and original  art. I still love DIY but in a refined fashion.  On my last trip to Scottsdale I brought back some beautiful pottery . It is functional and artistic. I had a great    time with the potter and will always remember this special trip through his pieces.

Not sure how to bring my Style Update 2017: 10 Top Home Design Trends into your home? Just try starting with one, visit a local nursery and pick up a low maintenance plant or browse a local artisan craft show for handmade accessories. Need ideas? Just visit our website.

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