Sous Vide Cooking: What You Need To Know

Seafood is prepared to perfection when cooked in a sous vide

All About Sous Vide Cooking: Part 2 of The True To Food Tour 

I have just returned from my first ever trip to Napa California courtesy of Design Hounds and Signature Kitchen Suite.  We were gifted with an incredible True to Food journey. We experienced the food, wine, and beauty of the Napa Valley.  There is so much I want you to know it cannot fit into one story.

Today I am going to share my experience with sous vide cooking using the 48″ range.  I will be sharing more about these must-have appliances in the coming weeks. So, be on the lookout for more design inspiration and information but first.

Wondering who Signature Kitchen Suite is?

Well, Signature Kitchen Suite (SKS) is the luxury brand division of LG Appliances. Prior to my California trip, I was introduced to SKS while visiting their New Jersey Headquarters. Surely you recall my post Meet a New Brand of Luxury Appliances.  They had me at hello!

Signature Kitchen Suite’s 23,000-square-foot Experience Design Center facility is located in the heart of food and wine-centric Napa Valley, California. Their multiple state-of-the-art high-performance kitchens showcase the culinary power of their award-winning appliance technology.  Their 48″ pro range is the first to include built-in sous vide. Read on as I share more about sous vide cooking and why I think it is a cooking technique that will help anyone who loves to cook. 

What is sous vide cooking?

First of all, if you have ever dined in a restaurant, you have most likely eaten dishes prepared *sous vide*. The name *sous vide* comes from the French meaning “under vacuum”.  Just about anything you cook with this method will taste better.

With this in mind, imagine perfectly poached eggs every time. Meats and poultry always turn out just right, tender and juicy. Not only meats, but seafood, vegetables, and even desserts like crème brûlée will be prepared to perfection.

Seafood is prepared to perfection when cooked in a sous vide

Seafood is prepared to perfection when cooked in a sous vide


What can sous vide cooking do for you? 

Our family gatherings have always revolved around good food and cooking together. Both of my boys, now in their late 20’s, would consider themselves “technicureans” combining their love of food, our family recipes, and technology in how they prepare their food. When I mentioned I learned to cook with sous vide,  they could not wait to jump in and experiment with it themselves.

Simply put, sous vide is about control and precision. Do you prefer your steak medium-rare? Set the controls for 131 degrees. Are you craving a poached egg that’s perfectly soft and creamy? Simple, that’s 145 degrees. Imagine salmon prepared firm, moist and flaky? Not a problem, set the temperature to 130 degrees and it will be prepared for exactly that. Every steak, chicken, pork, egg, and vegetable you prepare reaches the desired doneness and stays there, virtually no matter how long.

Built in Sous Vide available in the Signature Kitchen Suite range showing what souls vide can do for you.

Sous vide cooking is built right into the top of the award-winning 48″ pro range by Signature Kitchen Suite. 

Getting perfect results with sous vide cooking

Although I am not a big meat eater, my family and guests love a well-cooked beef filet. Until now, I was never confident cooking meats. Using the sous vide method, we prepared a perfect filet.  Chef Nick was so impressed with my cooking abilities – he even entrusted me with his knife! But seriously, even if you never eat another steak again, sous vide will change your cooking forever.

Here are the steps to a perfect beef filet

 First, we filled the built-in sous vide bath with water and set the temperature allowing the water to heat up in preparation for our fillets.

Filling the Sous Vide Bath for our beef filets

Built-in Sous Vide from Signature Kitchen Suite range

Second, we used a dry rub consisting of salt, pepper, coffee, and spices which we rubbed onto the surface of the filets. Before we individually vacuum-sealed the filets and placed them into the water bath, we added some fresh herbs. Once we set the timer there was no need to stand over the range. The built-in technology sends your phone a message when it is time for the next step. 

Adding the spice rub to the fillets

Adding the spice rub to the fillets

After the sous vide was finished it was time to sear the fillets. We turned up the volume on the 23,000 BTU burner to get our cast iron pan smoking hot! While the pan heated, the filets received an additional layer of spicy goodness before heading back to the range. 

Food prep with Michelle 1

Adding an additional layer of spices.


Searing the fillets in a cast iron pan heated by the 23,000 BTU high out put burner

Searing the fillets on the 23,000 BTU burner

As a result of the butter Chef Nick added to the pan, the meat, well-seared and glistening was ready to slice and serve.

Cooked to perfection

Cooked to perfection and ready to slice

Remember when I mentioned that I am a really good cook but not when it comes to meat? Well this sous vide system makes cooking good proof. Here is the final product.

The final presentation of the perfectly cooked beef fillet

The final presentation of our Sous Vide Beef Filet

Sous Vide: Beyond Meat and Potatoes. 

Besides meat, the sous vide can be used for so many other things. For instance, vegetables, fish, and even desserts such as berry compote are perfect for the sous vide. You might recall my Countdown to Napa post where  I shared Chef Nicks’s recipe for scallops with roasted corn.

Scallops and roasted corn cooked in the sous vide

Scallops and roasted corn Recipe courtesy of Nick Ritchie, Signature Kitchen Suite

Canning with Sous Vide

My older son loves to pickle everything.  We grow many things in our garden perfect for pickling. The sous vide certainly makes that process so much easier, not to mention, a lot of fun too. If you have sous vide and would like to try pickling some veggies, here is Chef Nick’s recipe for Sous Vide Pickles

Pickling is made easy with the sous vide

Pickling is easy with sous vide.

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Sharon L. Sherman, ASID, NCIDQ, CID, CKD




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