Remodeling? How to Design Your Dream Kitchen

Thyme & Place Design Designing your Dream Kitchen

How many times do you find yourself dreaming about the perfect kitchen?

Today’s kitchen hosts many more activities than ever before.  From family gatherings to informal entertaining, homework to school committee meetings the kitchen is not just the heart of the home but is often command central for the family. Sound familiar? Get my 10 tips on how to design your dream kitchen.

If you are remodeling or just thinking about it, here are my top 10 tips on How to Design Your Dream Kitchen.

1. Cabinetry: Find your style but don’t skimp on quality. Beautiful cabinets and timeless details work together to bring your personal style to the kitchen.  Look for solid wood construction and high quality finishes. The cabinets are a large part of the budget and should be built to last.

2. Creative Storage: Always include user friendly storage solutions. From pull out pantries for your food to tray dividers for serving platters and cabinets for recycling/trash.  Today, convenience and efficiency in our busy world is super important. Organization solutions should not be forgotten!

3. Counter tops: Consider your lifestyle as well as design style. Choose materials which will work for you. New Quartz materials have less up keep and come in many more colors. Real stone like granite and marble have a natural beauty but do require resealing every couple of years. Natural imperfections are a part of the real stone.

Important Considerations Beyond the Cabinets:

4. Appliances: Consider your cooking style. Are you a chef or just want to have a chef’s kitchen? Good quality appliances will out preform and out last lower quality ones. Always running out of glasses?  Dishwasher drawers may be the answer. If you have the space how about 2 dishwashers? Integrated models will seamlessly blend into the cabinetry. Stainless Steel is still the most popular but new finishes are trending.

5. Lighting: A good lighting plan should be a priority for your dream kitchen. It is one of the most important features. Good general lighting provides overall illumination but must be properly planned. Under cabinet lights are a must!  They provide much needed task lighting for the counter tops. Decorative lighting is both functional and adds to the design aesthetic. Look for fixtures which will complement the design theme. Don’t forget the windows.  Natural light is beautiful and is environmentally friendly.

6. Hardware: Decorative hardware is to cabinetry what jewelry is to an outfit. It completes the look. I like to include back plates with knobs to protect the cabinet finish from wet hands and finger nails.

7. Back-splash: The space between the wall cabinets and the counter tops is the perfect spot for some fun. The possibilities are endless. From porcelain to stone from glass to metal the back-splash can be a bold focal point or a subtle background. Whatever you choose, consider the maintenance and always use a grout which will be stain resistant.

8. Sink and Faucet: My favorite sink is a hand hammered copper farm sink. I love the bacteria resistant material as well as the look. If that is not your style, try a more traditional under-mount stainless steel sink. I find that one large bowl is easier to clean large pots and trays. Beware of a sink that is too deep, it can be hard on the back. Always add a sprayer option on the faucet. Today’s touch operated faucets keep handles clean and germ free.

The Final Touches

9. Flooring: This is the one surface which will take the most wear and tear. Think about the traffic patterns through the kitchen when selecting flooring. Tile is easy to clean and comes in so many colors and styles but can be hard to stand on. Wood has many more options these days and stains can be custom colored. Wood floors are softer and warmer but do require buffing and cleaning.

10. Wall Covering: The final touch is the wall covering. From paint to paper, plaster to barn wood, this finishing step will complete the look of your room. Consider the clean-ability of these materials. Always look for something you can easily wipe down to remove dust and grease.

What does your dream kitchen look like?

We have designed many kitchens here at Thyme & Place Design and no two are exactly alike.   Let us know what’s on your dream kitchen wish list. If you would like to start working on your kitchen, call us, we would love to help. To see more of our work visit Thyme & Place Design


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