Westmount Kitchen

My clients found the perfect home with a large yard in the perfect neighborhood. Family, friends, and food are very important to this professional couple with two young boys and a sweet dog. As much as they loved the house, they did not love the kitchen. Outdated, cramped with limited storage, preparation space at a minimum, failing appliances, and not a hint of the Mid-Century Modern design aesthetic they loved, it was time to remodel. Although the couple are true design enthusiasts, they could not envision a way to remodel the space and gain all the things that would appease the passionate foodie lifestyle they wanted to enjoy.

Their wish list included:

  • High Performance appliances to appease a home chef at heart including 48” Professional style range.
  • Good Ventilation.
  • A large island with seating for 4.
  • Small appliance storage, which was accessible, organized, and out of sight.
  • A dedicated baking area.
  • Large refrigerator and freezer in the kitchen area.
  • Pantry storage.
  • A beverage bar for both coffee and wine.
  • Dishwasher drawer for the bar area.
  • A large main sink and secondary bar sink.
  • Ample countertop area for both preparation and clean up.
  • Dedicated place for dog bowls with a built-in water faucet.
  • Good lighting.
  • Direct access to the patio from the kitchen.
  • Mid-Century Modern design aesthetic that would have a timeless appeal.
  • Work within the existing footprint of the house.


I began by removing a closet that previously housed the washer/dryer now located on the second floor. This allowed enough room for an island with seating and moved the kitchen closer to the dining room. The closet space was now reimagined as a baking/small appliance storage area and houses a full 30” wide full freezer.

A new 72” awning window was placed above the main sink and a new French door provided access to the patio while bringing in natural light. This new location gives perfect access to the beverage center from the kitchen, patio, and family room without interfering with the cooking and cleanup activities in the main part of the kitchen.

To maximize space, an adjacent oversized powder room was resized, enabling the addition of tall, shallow pantry storage and a walk-in pantry closet.  Floating shelving in the kitchen brought a sense of openness and visual relief.  A dedicated lower cabinet now serves as a nook for the dog bowls, complete with a custom water faucet.

The main work area features a 48” pro-style range from Signature Kitchen Suite and exhaust hood which activates automatically with the burners. Surrounding custom cabinetry is thoughtfully designed to store all necessary cooking tools within arm’s reach.

The large single sink can handle all the professional-sized cooking products the house chef uses. Ample storage for additional cooking products is within reach of the range and the dishwasher. Dishware is stored in a custom drawer system. Trash and recycling are adjacent to the sink with a requested custom paper towel holder built in and out of sight.

I shifted the doorway to the dining room creating a clear traffic pathway through the kitchen improving flow and functionality. A strategically placed 36” built-in SKS refrigerator completes the main work triangle area of the perimeter kitchen.

The Quartzite countertops for the perimeter were selected for low maintenance, durability as well as beautiful color.  The island features an impressive 11–foot dark quartz countertop.  With seating for 4 people, the family can enjoy casual dining in the kitchen. For the chef du house, the island provides all the preparation area he dreamed about.  The island also provides additional storage for cookware, cookbooks, and small handheld appliances. 

The beverage/wine and coffee bar makes entertaining a breeze. The bar features glass storage, a dedicated dishwasher drawer, an SKS  beverage refrigerator, and a specialized faucet that provides filtered hot, cold, and carbonated water. A television provides entertainment for the cook as well as menu inspiration and when not in use, doubles as a digital art display.  

Layered lighting provides both task and ambient lighting. Undercabinet for safety in food preparation. Recessed lights for general lighting and a stunning single fixture over the island adds to the design aesthetic and provides task lighting for the island.

We selected a simple door detail and natural-colored stains on rift-cut white oak cabinets, to create the desired midcentury look. Dark grey-blue painted cabinets in a slightly different door style allow the beverage bar to stand on its own. Dark green hand-made tiles vary slightly in shade creating a dramatic backdrop to the kitchen. A traditional subway tile is installed vertically for a more modern take. White marble with gold metal accents details the bar splash. A hard-working porcelain floor tile in a terrazzo pattern seamlessly connects the kitchen to the adjacent foyer.

The client’s dream kitchen was realized in both style and function with only slight framing modifications. Once sad and impractical, the new kitchen is a stylish, functional culinary haven inspiring menus, elevating everyday family meals and gatherings with friends. The new look truly reflects the client’s tastes and lifestyles.


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