Carlough Principal Bath

Sanctuary: A Bathroom Transformed into an Oasis

In today’s bustling world, stress seems to affect every part of our lives. The clients retained me to create a haven of tranquility in their home. Step inside, and you’ll find yourself immersed in a sanctuary of serenity, where the mundane transforms into the extraordinary, and the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

The Existing Space

Once, this bathroom stood as a testament to design excellence, with its lofty vaulted ceilings and skylights that flooded the room with natural light. As times have changed so have the design style of my clients. The whirlpool tub, once a symbol of luxury, now seemed out of touch, while the shower, though functional, lacked the embrace of comfort.

The Reimagined Oasis

The vision for transformation began with a simple desire—to craft a space where one could escape the chaos of the world and find solace in a room inspired by nature and the images my client captured with his camera. Working with a vision of a natural riverbed and the gentle flow of water, the designer embarked on a journey to reimagine this bathroom as an oasis of calm.

The Vanity Area

For her, a space to indulge in the rituals of self-care and beauty was requested. Custom pull-out cabinets concealed hair dryers and brushes, while a mirror tilts to accommodate the uses. Each detail meticulously crafted to enhance her experience.

For him, similar custom cabinets conceal all his required grooming products. Each vanity has a mirrored medicine cabinet complete with magnifying mirrors and outlets. Large drawers below the sink provide additional storage.

The Tub

A luxurious Bain Ultra tub awaits, promising relaxation beyond compare. Chroma and aroma therapy is built into the air massage system. Light and aroma are important therapy to combat the effects of winter blues. Beneath, flat-cut stone pebbles are a reminder of nature’s gentle touch, while a floor-mounted filler cascaded water like a gentle waterfall.

The Shower

Expanded to embrace the feeling of spaciousness, the shower became a sanctuary of its own. Thermostatic controls ensured the perfect temperature, while a handheld showerhead offered flexibility and freedom. No ordinary bench would do; instead, a portable seat invited one to shower amidst the whispers of nature. A lighted shower niche creates a soft glowing ambiance in the shower and provides perfect night lighting.

Final Touches

A large decorative light fixture, which resembles water droplets floats above the room and that theme is repeated in the wall covering. Alabaster sconces illuminate the mirrors above the vanity. Nature inspired theme is repeated with the custom marble and granite mosaic tile behind each sink.

Design Contributing to Wellness

But beyond the surface, this oasis was more than mere aesthetics—it was a testament to the evolving nature of design, where wellness and well-being intertwine. In every corner, every detail, lies a purpose—a reminder that within the walls of our homes, lies the power to transform, to heal, and to find sanctuary amidst the chaos of the world.


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