Buena Vista Remodel

This charming kitchen now suits the lovely home it anchors. The original kitchen was a series of crossing traffic patterns, disjointed work areas with a basement staircase without a door smack in the middle of the room. First, we relocated the door to the living room which was located where the double oven now stands. A new hinged French door allows light to flow from this bright space into the living room which was shortened by 18” to create the space for the kitchen. Now the traffic from the side door and garage by passes the work area of the kitchen into the house. Due to the brick exterior on the kitchen side of the home, we did not relocate any windows but worked around the placement to great success.

By creating a “look through” from the kitchen into the family room, the kitchen keeps the cook connected with company and gives a view to the backyard to keep an eye on the family pup.
The view from the family room is a lovely scene of the kitchen. Panel molding was added to the family room side to connect to the recessed panels of the kitchen cabinets.

When we relocated the door to the living room, we created a return wall just long enough for the Mr. of the home to have his wish list item a small wet bar. We also were able to create a space for a pocket door adjacent to the bar which now closes off the basement stairs.

Opposite the bar, we designed a functional and beautiful hutch which stores extra plates, dishes, and serves as a pantry as well. Both the bar and the hutch are painted Hale Navy which is the perfect contrast to the white kitchen. An oval window replaced an old, antiquated double hung window and creates architectural interest to the eating area. The clients antique table was repurposed to function as an island when extra workspace is needed. The client was extremely happy to have this heirloom piece become part of the finished kitchen.


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