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Whether you have a large kitchen with multiple islands or a cozy apartment sized space, the right storage solutions are so important to make sure all of your kitchen items have a home. Working with a Certified Kitchen Designer is the best way to insure your kitchen is functional and beautiful. A great designer will include the must have storage solutions your kitchen will need. The difference between a junk drawer and an organized drawer is how the storage is designed.

Here is my list of must-have storage solutions for a high performance kitchen

Drawers and Dividers:

Deep drawers for pots and pans: No one wants to dig around in a cabinet to reach pots and pans. Deep drawers allow pots to nest and can be easily closed with the push of a hip. Convenience and accessibility go hand in hand. Did I say I love drawers?

Must-have storage solutions for a high performance kitchenDish Drawer storage: Allow me to introduce my go to design feature. This must have storage solution means no longer reaching for heavy piles of dishes. Adjustable pegs nest plates and bowls which make setting the table a breeze. Did I mention they are universally accessible? Your back will thank you.

Roll Out shelves. If you are lucky enough to be designing a new space, I always recommend deep drawers whenever possible. If not, roll out shelves are a good alternative. They make everything accessible and can be installed in existing cabinets.

Drawer dividers: Whether you are storing spices, flatware, knives, utensils or plastic wrap, organized drawers can store almost anything. Removable inserts are available in wood, plastic and even stainless steel. They are easy to clean and provide compartments for everything. Remodeling? Manufacturers have introduced custom drawer dividers complete with knife and utensils sets.

Specialty Storage

Recycling/trash cabinet: Most every town recycles. Some require the separation of materials and some co-mingle. A dedicated space makes this job so much easier. There are a number of efficient ways to organize recyclables and trash in one spot as small as 18″.Say goodbye to the old rubber bin sitting in the corner.

Vertical Partitions: Also known as tray storage. These dividers make large cutting boards or serving trays so much easier to handle. Each item is easy to spot when standing up in this convenient storage option. Have a wall oven or pantry cabinet? The space above is the perfect place for this feature.

Corner Access Cabinet:  If you have a corner it should be accessible. Full lazy Susan (full turning corner unit)  or half Susan (often called a blind corner susan) cabinets allow access to the far reaches of the corner. For corner wall cabinets I recommend adjustable shelves instead of a wall Susan. You are not sacrificing storage for the rotating shelves and you can store more than just bottles or spices.These are some of the best storage features available when utilized correctly.

Thyme & Place Design,

Peter Rymwid 

Pantry Storage: The word pantry creates visions of an old world walk in pantry. In today’s space conscious kitchen, a pull out pantry can be installed in as little as 12″ of width. Shallow depth cabinets designed on the end of a cabinet run can provide can or bottle storage in 6″-9″ of depth  . All you need is some ingenuity


Charging Stations: In today’s world of tech everything, a dedicated charging area is a must. New outlets fit right into to drawers and contain all of the wires and the charging phone or tablet.

With a little bit of planning, you can include these essential kitchen cabinet features. They will make a world of difference in how your kitchen functions. Good design says “form always follows function”. A well designed space takes the stress out of our everyday tasks and leaves more time for family and fun. Do you have some storage solutions which have made a difference in your kitchen? We would love to hear from you. Looking for more ideas?  Read my story about creating Dream Kitchens Remodeling? How to Design Your Dream Kitchen



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