What to know when choosing interior paint for your home

Need a little pick me up for your home?  A new coat of paint is a great way to freshen up your rooms but how do you know what type of paint to choose? There are several important questions to consider as well as creating a plan of action before you begin. Here are some pro tips I have learned from Michael O’Brien of PaintTek Quality Painting Inc.

To prime or not to prime? That is the question.

Before you can choose the paint, you need to properly prepare the surfaces. If you want the finish coat to look as good as it can, the right preparation is essential. Don’t forget to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on all applications.

The first consideration is the condition of the walls. Is there a lot of damage to the walls which will need to be repaired before painting? Repeat after me “Sand! Sand! Sand!” to get the surfaces as smooth as possible and wash down the walls before you prime. If there is currently a wall covering, it must be stripped and then the walls patched, cleaned and primed before moving onto the painting phase.

Many paints today don’t need primer or are considered to be a paint and primer in one. If you are covering new walls, a primer will protect the wall material and set a good base for the finish coats of paint. Water based primers are used for water based paint and oil based primers for oil based paint. A tinted base primer is great for that first base coat. Always remember light over light, dark over dark.

“Even coverage makes the best looking finished wall. “


What to know when choosing paint

High Gloss black railings

What room are you painting and what type of wear and tear will it get?

Bedrooms: In this room a matte finish is a good choice. The finish is scrub-able and hides imperfections better than an eggshell finish. It also has a nice velvet feel to it.

Kitchens, Bathrooms and Laundry Rooms: These hard working rooms need a hard working paint formulated for high traffic areas. Benjamin Moore has a paint specifically for these rooms. Easy to apply, durable, mildew resistant, self-priming and Low VOC’s make it a great choice for humid areas.

Dining Rooms: My favorite choice for the dining room is a beautiful custom faux finish. Depending on what type of finish you choose will determine the type of paint used.

Ceilings: Often called the 5th wall of the room are traditionally finished with a flat paint. Flat finishes eliminate any reflection off the surface. In many of today’s interiors, gloss paints have become very popular ceiling finishes. If you choose a gloss, the preparation of the surface is very important as the shinier the finish, the more any imperfections will show. Also consider the amount of light coming into the room.

Woodwork and Mill-work: Both gloss and satin finishes are very hard-wearing paints mainly used on wood and metal surfaces. Satin has become increasingly popular for woodwork. The latex version is less likely to yellow but has a lower sheen than its solvent based counterpart. I love stair railings painted a dark color in a high gloss finish.

What look do you want?

Flat or matte, satin or velvet, or even  a shimmery glossy finish are some choices which set the vibe for the room.  Everyone wants their rooms to look great. It is important to start with meticulous preparation followed by great application. Since not everyone aspires to be a painter, I personally recommend PaintTek Quality Inc.for all of my clients painting needs. When looking for paint colors for your home check out Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams idea galleries. Recently used some great paint combinations in your home? Send us your photos.

Happy Painting!