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Care and Cleaning: Do’s and Don’ts

Because the kitchen is the most hard working room in the home a weekly wipe down should not be ignored. Cleaning your cabinets is easier than you might think. Most high quality cabinets are manufactured with a catalyzed finish which will require no future maintenance beyond periodic cleaning. Since you have invested in your kitchen and want to keep it sparkling, here are my pro tips on how to clean kitchen cabinets.

Let’s start with the Do’s

  • Treat the cabinets just like fine furniture. Use a soft cloth and dust regularly. Wipe down the cabinets weekly.
  • General-purpose oil-soap wood cleaners work well for general care. Use a spray bottle to apply the cleaner to a cloth. This helps regulate how much cleaner is used. You should not saturate the wood.
  • Spills happen, it’s a kitchen after all. Clean up the spill immediately. Microfiber cloths and cloth diapers are perfect for the job.
  • The area around the hardware takes the most abuse. Fingerprints and bacteria from your hands collect here. Clean with a mild liquid, non abrasive cleaner applied directly to the cloth not the cabinet.  Remember that microfiber cloth?
  • If you like the more natural approach you can make a cleaner at home. Vinegar is a great natural product. Mix a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and warm water.
  • Have really grimy build up? In addition to the vinegar, just add a drop or two of dish washing  detergent.

Next Up the Dont’s

  • No need to wax a quality cabinet. It actually is not good for the finish.
  • Never use oven cleaners, abrasive cleaners, harsh detergents, scouring pads or steel wool on your cabinetry.
  • Never use a cloth that you use on dishes or counter tops. It might have residue and fibers that will harm the finish of your cabinets.
  • Don’t forget the interiors. Wipe off the shelves and vacuum out the drawers regularly. While our cabinets do not need shelf paper, some might. Check with your designer to see how the shelves and drawers are finished.

Wiping down your cabinets regularly will help them look their best. Don’t forget to check the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning products. Remember that saying “the kitchen is the heart of your home”? Caring for your kitchen will keep this special room fresh and beautiful for years to come.

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