With so many options, it is tough to know how choose the best-built cabinetry for your home. Cabinetry must not only look good, it must function well.

Just like building a house, you must start with a good foundation. Without it, the house cannot stand strong. Choosing the best-built cabinetry for your home is starting with a good foundation. It will be supporting the appliances and the counter tops you choose. The better the construction, the better the support.

Here are the key qualities look for to choose the best-built cabinetry:

  1. The Materials: Always look for solidly built boxes. There are other options but in my experience plywood really is the best bet. It is strong, stable and is built to last.
  2. The Construction: Find out how the cases are built. Sides with a thickness of 1/2″ – 3/4″ are the best as the drawer runners will be attached to them.
  3. The Backs: Strong, sturdy backs are also important. This is where the cabinets will be attached to the walls. You would not want the cabinets crashing down with all of your dishes and glasses inside!
  4. The Frames: Construction can be frameless (a newer way to build cabinets which allows more room in the drawers) or framed (traditional cabinet construction), overlay or inset. It all depends on the esthetic you like.
  5. The Doors and Drawer Fronts: Look for solid construction. Most doors are built of 5 pieces, the 4 pieces that make up door frame plus the center panel. Flat panel doors may be solid panels but are usually a veneer. MDF center panels are a good choice for painted finishes but can contain VOC’s.
  6. The Hardware: The internal hardware, consisting of drawer runners and hinges, are the hardest working components. They are used every time you open and close a door or drawer. The best are self-closing runners and hinges, eliminating that “slamming” sound when operating. They literally close themselves! The best built cabinets all have this feature as a standard.
  7. The Finish: You want a low VOC high quality “baked on” finish. Larger shops and manufacturers have really big “ovens” to cure the finish so it will withstand the rigors of a kitchen. Wet hands, cleaning products, food, etc. are all part of the daily routine in a kitchen. If the finish is not top quality, the cabinets will not hold up to daily wear and tear. Find out if the cabinets are all finished together. This insures a consistent color.
  8. The Interiors: Shelves should be 1/2-3/4″ thick. Drawer boxes with dovetails are the sturdiest and last for years to come. Just look at antique furniture. The finish can be clear coated with a high quality sealer. Maple veneered interiors are strong and look the best. Melamine is a vinyl which may or may not stand the test of time.

I’m sure you will agree that looking for these qualities will help you choose the best-built cabinetry for your home. The cabinetry available through Thyme & Place Design are of the highest quality and meet all of these key standards.

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