Is the open shelving trend really for you?

Almost every magazine is showcasing rooms with open shelving. At first glance, you might wonder if this design trend is for you. Believe it or not, open shelves actually help reduce clutter while making the room seem larger. Since you can see everything, organization is a breeze. There is no need to hunt for that hidden bowl or platter. The best part is they work in contemporary or traditional styles. Still not sure if this trend is for you? Here are some chic decorative open shelving tips for your home.

Mix and Match:

Try to combine decorative with functional. Cookbooks are easy to find when stored on an open shelf. Thyme & Place Design, Sharon L Sherman, Kitchen Designer NJ, Bathroom Designer NJStack them horizontally or vertically. Add some small decorative

containers to hold bag clips, sugar packets, rubber bands or tea bags. A plant or two in a colorful pot brings a touch of the outdoors in to the kitchen. Ready for a

coffee break, cups from your collections are easy to grab for that quick cup of joe.

Pretty and Practical Storage:

Not everything needs to be stored on open shelves. You will probably still want to have traditional cabinets for many items. Store things you use most often on lower

shelves for easy access. Seasonal items and purely decorative things can be placed higher up. Pots and pans are perfect for open shelves. They are easy to reach and

look really nice on a slide out stainless steel shelf.

Lighten up:

Open shelves are great for small spaces. They actually make the room look more airy. Instead of buying decorative things you might not use, let the things you use

every day be the accessory. Bowls and glasses stack and nest naturally so you can stay organized. I also like to store pantry items in large glass containers. I always

know what I have and what I need to shop for. Rice, dried beans and pasta are a natural decoration.

Show Your Personal Style.Sharon L Sherman, Kitchen Designer NJ, Bathroom Designer NJ, Thyme & Place Design, open shelves

Collectibles create great displays and can showcase your style. I happen to love vintage french enamelware. My canisters hold everyday useful items providing

storage and creating a visual display. Yellow ware pottery is also a passion which is both functional and beautiful. Mixing bowls and vases are at the ready in my



Not Just for the Kitchen :

Open shelves are perfect storage for rolled up towels in the bath, glass ware for your bar and family photos for the family room. They are a great way to tell the story

of your family. Places you have been and the things you brought back from your travels become a timeline of your life. I love going into peoples homes and seeing their

stories. Once again, open shelves are fun and functional.

Open shelves and Pets:

If you have a climber, open shelves may not be for you or your furry loved one. For the rest of your four Sharon L Sherman, Thyme & Place Design, Kitchen Designer NJ, Bathroom Designer NJlegged friends, open shelves can be a great spot for a basket of toys, a comfortable

place to curl up or for dishes and water bowls. You might find a weekly dusting will be in order but by using items, they will stay tidy.

Still not sure if this trend is for you? Just remove the doors from one of your cabinets and give it a try. Don’t worry about making everything match. Mother Nature does

a great job of combining colors and textures everywhere. Just look outside at all the different elements working together.

For more ideas using open shelves in your home, check out the portfolio pages of our website.


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