Becoming a Design Visionary

Cover of design visionary Vincente Wolf's new book Creative Interior Solutions

A Conversation with Interior Design Visionary Vincente Wolf

I’ve been fortunate to meet countless inspiring individuals who have significantly shaped my design career and style. During my recent visit to High Point Market, I had the pleasure of sitting down with my friend Jane to sip some coffee and listen to a conversation with the renowned design luminary, Vincente Wolf. The engaging dialogue took place at The Point and was expertly guided by Gary Inman. His thought-provoking questions delved deep into the life and creative journey of this extraordinary man. In this post, are the invaluable insights I gained from listening to this conversation with interior design visionary Vincente Wolf.

Photograph of Interior Design Visionary Vincente Wolf after he signed a copy of his new book Creative Interior solutions for me Sharon L Sherman Kitchen Designer NJ

Design Visionary Vincente Wolf and me.

Who is Vincente Wolf?

Gary began an engaging discussion by inviting Vincente to recount his life’s journey, which began when he left Cuba at the age of 15 and arrived in New York. Vincente’s first job was as a stock boy at The D & D Building, a famous design hub that laid the foundation for his entry into the world of interior design. Despite lacking formal design education, his exposure to construction in Cuba and his ability to read floor plans served as a foundation for his future in design. His education was further enriched through experiences with colors, textures, museums, books, and the language of interior design. Vincente discovered a unique talent: he could mentally visualize designs in 3D. His exceptional perspective didn’t go unnoticed, and soon he began freelancing for prominent New York designers. His breakthrough came just two years later when his work was featured in House Beautiful. In an era filled with traditional interiors, his contemporary style caught the magazine’s eye, catapulting his career.

Becoming a design visionary.

Developing a visionary design style

Vincente Wolf describes his design style as neutral, earthy, textural, and dimensional. He emphasizes the transformative power of light, acknowledging that it can alter colors and perspectives. His deep connection with light was forged during his childhood in Cuba and continues to shape his creations. His work speaks its own language, and he remains dedicated to following his unique vision, rather than chasing the latest trends. This is the hallmark of a design visionary.

One of Vincente’s distinctive viewpoints is that furniture and decor should tell a story, not just to those who view the space but to each other. He brings pieces together because he “sees them talking to each other.” I also believe furnishings, especially antiques, have a story to tell. We only need to listen and I totally agree.

Creating a visionary design process

Regarding his design process, Vincente explained that he works swiftly, always trusting his instincts. He believes that inspiration can strike any moment, so it’s essential to be open and ready.  Wolf compares creating balance and rhythm in design to a dance, a beautiful interplay of elements. As he explained to Gary, “Inspiration is in the ether, and being the first to recognize what to focus on while using your innate connections, sets you apart as a trendsetter, not a follower.”

Interior design as “Thymeless Luxury.”

I describe my work as creating “Thymeless Luxury.” This approach revolves around crafting subtle design details that endure rather than fade away with passing trends. I also believe that designing interiors is just like fashion, tailoring each design to the client’s unique preferences. This is the essence of true luxury design. Look through my portfolio. Each image you see tells a different story. The rooms are as unique as my clients. Each design is tailored to that client’s lifestyle.

A Visionary POV

Design is not just about aesthetics; it’s about storytelling, following your unique perspective, and creating designs that stand the test of time. Vincente’s journey from a stock boy to a celebrated design visionary is a testament to the power of passion and the pursuit of one’s creative voice. One of the most profound insights Vincente shared during our hour-long conversation was the importance of listening to your instincts, not following trends.  Go ahead, be brave, and forge your own style, release your inner design visionary. 

Sharon L. Sherman, ASID, NCIDQ, CID, CKD


Sharon is the founder of Thyme and Place Design, headquartered in Wyckoff, New Jersey. She’s been practicing kitchen and bath design for the past 40 years and is a Past President of the American Society of Interior Designers – New Jersey chapter. She is a current member of the editorial board of KBB Magazine, the official magazine of the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Sharon has also received a Kitchen Bath Design News 2022 Innovator of the Year Award.

Her award-winning designs and editorial comments have been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, Design Milk, Furniture Lighting and Decor, Designers Today, Bergen NJ magazineKitchen & Bath Design News, Woman’s Day, Country Decorating, Design NJ, New Jersey Home Magazine, 201 Magazine, The Best of Bergen, Savvy Living, The Vue, The Record, The Star-Ledger,  and Aspire as well as several books.

Her blog “Tips from the Trade” appears in digital form on and She has also appeared on HGTV’s My Big Amazing Renovation and episodes of House Smarts with Lou Manfredini.  Sharon was a featured speaker for  *Voices From The Industry*  at the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s international convention and The International Surfaces Event and is available for further speaking engagements nationwide on all topics related to running a successful kitchen and bath design business. She is also a CEU provider for IDCEC. 




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