kitridg03Remodeling your kitchen is the perfect place to show off your personal style – after all it is the heart of the home. Remodeling your kitchen means making some informed decisions. By following my 4 foolproof steps for starting a kitchen remodel, you will find making decisions much easier, save time, save money and you will get the kitchen of your dreams.

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Finding your look, creating a budget, selecting a designer and choosing your cabinets are the 4 foolproof steps for starting a kitchen remodel.

Step # 1 Think about the look you want. You will be spending a lot of time here so make sure you are comfortable with way the kitchen will look. Do you want a theme like “Shaker” or are you more “Urban Loft”? A design style will directly impact the cabinets you select. Paint colors, wood stains, special details will matter when choosing the cabinets. Every “style” has its own design details to make the look complete.

Step #2. Create a realistic budget. Determine what you can budget for the project. This will help decide which cabinets you can work with. Custom cabinets may cost more initially but will stand the test of time. Like that funky gloss paint? That will impact the budget. Maybe a simple door which highlights the fine grain of the wood is what you want. A semi-custom cabinet may fit that need. Don’t forget the remodel part. Are you changing windows or doors? Will a wall have to move? Lighting, flooring, counter tops and appliances are part of the budget as well.

Step #3 Work with a qualified designer. So much goes into a kitchen plan. The right design will make all the difference when choosing your cabinets. Designers work with you to develop a lifestyle plan for your kitchen. They bring expertise in Health Safety and Welfare considerations as well as a personal aesthetic for your home. A great kitchen is more than just lining up cabinets on a wall; it is the reflection of you and your family. It should be able to grow and mature with you and your family.

Step #4. What goes inside? Make sure you have that “wish list” of must haves vs. really wants. Most companies have a variety of “interior accessories” like roll out shelves, utensil dividers or swing out storage units. Not all of these are built the same. Look for strong runners on pull-out storage pieces, wood not plastic sides and bottoms. Always wanted that special kitchen command center with a charging station built in and files for the school papers? That may require some custom design details.

Hopefully I have given you some things to consider with these 4 foolproof steps for starting your kitchen remodel. Remember to do your homework. Ask for referrals. I have very happy clients who love to talk about their remodeling projects. Create idea books of kitchens which reflect your personal style. You can always change the look with new hardware and wallcovering but quality always stands the test of time. The greatest compliment my clients can give me is how they love their kitchen and would not change a thing.

Worried about the kitchen remodel process? Check out my tips to help you get through it:
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