What’s Hot in Bathroom Design

Luxurious bathrooms top my clients remodeling wish lists. Through the years the style trends may have changed but spa-like features and living in place details are leading the way in today’s bathrooms Here is my take with help from my clients on what’s hot in bathroom design

10 Must haves for the Ultimate In Bath Design

In The Shower.

Thermostatic controlled water temperature. These valves allow you to choose the actual temperature of the water in the shower. This allows for a personalized shower experience based on your ideal shower.

Digital Valves. Valves control the distribution of the water much like stop lights control the flow of traffic. New digital valves provide the next level of control. They also direct temperature, pressure, lighting and even music to enhance the shower experience. Imagine turning the water on from your bedside so it is ready and waiting for you when you step into the bathroom. 719

 Adjustable hand held shower heads: These shower heads are more than just convenient. They are in high demand for both living in place as well as accommodating different height users. Great for a quick rinse off when you don’t want to get your hair wet or if the kids want to jump into your shower.

Safety and Convenience

Grab bars. Gone are the institutional look of these handy items. Manufacturers understand they are there to enhance the shower experience for adults as well as small children.

Integrated shelves and niches. These hold more than just shampoo bottles. LED lights recessed into the niche adds to the ambiance of the shower experience. Decorative tile details are being integrated in these handy recesses as well.

Water Water Everywhere

Linear Drains. Hiding unsightly shower drains is a must in a luxury shower. Walk in showers with no curb or “wet rooms” where the tub is part of the shower environment require these longer, much more attractive necessities. Many linear drains can be tiled over to create a nearly invisible installation.

Body Sprays. In today’s fast paced world more people are craving a spa-cation in their own home, body sprays  enhance the shower with a “vertical spa” experience. Flush heads are much more attractive while non-flush heads allow more flexibility for height and direction of water spray. A big plus is the added value in resale.

Beyond the Shower.

Free Standing Tubs: The requests for these tubs has increased dramatically. Gone are large tiled or slab tub decks. The choices of free standing tubs are endless. They are designed for both single bathers or couples. There are oval tubs, square tubs, rectangular tubs to suit any and all designs however they are not for everyone.

I do encourage my clients test them out (without the water) in the showroom to experience getting in and out of them.

Larger water heaters. There is nothing worse than running out of hot water. With additional water outlets finding their way into the shower, larger water heaters have become a standard upgrade.

Light Therapy: One of the newest innovations to bathing and showering is Chroma-therapy. Lighting has many positive effects on mood and emotions. Chroma-therapy has been integrated into lighting controls for both showers and tubs. I have been designing with Bain Ultra tubs for many years using their light systems for my clients bathing environments.

The Commode.

Toilets: Once the butt of jokes (pardon the pun) toilets have a brand new status in bathroom design. Much of the credit goes to TOTO, an innovator in the world of toilets. Their Neorest line has elevated the role of toilets. From their bidet options to heated water systems and integrated music controls, toilets have risen to a new level of luxury.