Make a Grand Entrance! How to choose the perfect front door colorClick To Tweetmake a Grand Entrance Thyme & Place Design Northern NJ

Make a Grand Entrance! How to choose a front door colorClick To Tweet

From painted to stained, plain to carved, here is an insider’s guide: How to choose the perfect front door color.

I love doors. They say so much about the house they open into. Whenever I travel I find myself taking photos of doors.  I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to entrances. When one of my clients asked for help choosing a color for their front door I  prepared  these helpful tips to make a grand entrance.

Here are 8 great colors to paint your front door.

Basic Black: Bold and beautiful but familiar and safe. Black works for both contemporary or traditional styles.  Nothing says sophisticated like black. Want to soften the look, just add some pretty potted plants for balance.

Navy: If you read my April blog (Design Trends “How to use the color blue in your home), you know how much I love navy. It is a great alternative to black and is not as heavy.  Try a midnight blue or Hale Navy: both look great with stone facades or shingles at the beach. Use a matte blue as a cool alternative.

Robin’s Egg Blue: This shade of blue is always a great choice. Soft and airy is great for a cottage feel. It looks wonderful  with white shingles while it compliments and softens stone facades.

Yellow:  Warm and sunny yellow has made a comeback as a great front door color. A bright and beautiful  lemon yellow or a richer tone the color of sun flowers  is an eye catcher. Greenery surrounding any yellow makes a happy statement.

Red: Who doesn’t love red? Go bright and bold. A five  panel door painted with a  super shiny finish goes great with white, yellow or brick. Think of a red tulip.

Green: A rich deep dark green is a southern hospitality standard. So rich  it looks almost black at first. Think of  beautiful green trees and leaves.  Prefer a more subtle color? Try sage green for a calming “step inside” feeling.

Pink & Lilac: Want soft and subtle? How about a pale lilac or soft petal pink? Both of these colors look great with a dark grey or a rich blue siding. Look for grey undertones so it is not too pastel.

Pumpkin:  This wonderful color is turning up a lot these days. If orange is too bold and red too common go for this more subtle shade. Great for traditional or contemporary styles, it definitely says warm and inviting.

Nothing says personal style like color.

Go ahead and Make a Grand Entrance. If the eyes are the windows to the soul your front door is the portal to the heart of the home.




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