How We Work

If you’ve never been through the remodeling process before, or even if you have, Thyme & Place Design and our associated contractors go to every available length to make the process easy. We do so right from the beginning.

  • Gather notes, photos, or save it all in your idea books.
  • Create your wish list.
  • Consider a realistic budget you can live with.
  • Visit our portfolio.
  • Call the studio to make an appointment to begin your project.

Your First Appointment

  • Once we make an appointment, we can meet in the studio or at your home.
  • We will spend about an hour discussing your project while reviewing your “Book of Wishes”.
  • We will help establish a realistic budget and overview for your project.

Upon Receipt of Your Project Development Fee

  • We will create a unique design, draft elevations and a floor plan.
  • We will review our plans with you and discuss the design and any potential modifications you would like to make. If you like what you see, we will provide you with firm prices.

The Installation Process

We have our own team of installers who will be with you from start to finish.