Easy to Add Living in Place Ideas for Your Home

We are not getting older just smarter No one likes to talk about getting older. I equate my aches and pains to years of racing triathlon, running half marathons and playing paddle tennis. We all love our active lifestyles but I realize as I have gotten older, I find I need more light to see what I am reading and prefer to not lift heavy plates and dishes into higher wall cabinets. I am not old but I realize that aging is a natural occurrence and this aging weekend warrior would like to make...

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Remodeling? How to Design Your Dream Kitchen

How many times do you find yourself dreaming about the perfect kitchen? Today’s kitchen hosts many more activities than ever before.  From family gatherings to informal entertaining, homework to school committee meetings the kitchen is not just the heart of the home but is often command central for the family. Sound familiar? Get my 10 tips on how to design your dream kitchen. If you are remodeling or just thinking about it, here are my top 10 tips on How to Design Your Dream Kitchen. 1....

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